Want to help make a difference in our community?

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Class Sponsor

The size of your company's logo is determined by your sponsorship level. Logos will be printed on the items available to members, on the class page that you sponsor on the website, on our social media promotions, etc. The most popular products and the most popular classes will promote the higher-tiered sponsorships.


Sponsorship Options:

$1500  |  $1000  $500 

Room Sponsor

Your company's name and logo will be displayed on the wall of the room that you sponsor, incorporated into the mural for that space, and printed on the window and/or door decals depending on the room. Rooms available for sponsorship are: Art, Group Therapy, Meditation & Yoga, Dance & Movement.

Sponsorship Option:


Communal Eating

Space Sponsor

Everyone who enters the building is immediately ensconced in the communal eating space. Your company's name and logo will be printed on signage for this area, menu boards, and printed menus.

Sponsorship Option:


Community Member Sponsorship

Ongoing donations are accepted and pooled towards purchasing memberships for under served community members who cannot otherwise afford the services at Safe Space. For every $50, 1 member is sponsored by your company whose name and logo will be highlighted visually with a decal on our Sponsor Wall of Fame.

Sponsorship Options: $50-500