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Our Peer Run Support groups are a place to come together and heal.

There is a group for everyone, no matter what your struggle - you are not alone.

To learn more, or to sign up to be a part of one of these groups call or send us an email.  

Group Therapy

Trauma Support
Thursday's @ 6:30pm Virtual
Wednesday @ 5:30pm in-person

A safe, nurturing, accepting environment in which painful feelings and experiences can be shared with others.

By normalizing the experience of recovery and increasing the survivor’s self-efficacy through education and resource sharing, support groups have the potential to strengthen the survivor’s coping, as well as reduce isolation.

Support Group

Unfortunately, our society supports disordered eating.  Disordered eating is when you use food and/or exercise to control your feelings. You might limit your intake based on a diet or on how much exercise you have done that day. Disordered eating comes in all different forms: not eating enough, eating past full, purging, laxatives, excessive exercise, only eating clean or healthy, etc. 

Comforting Hands
Care Givers Support
2nd Saturdays of the month

Open to anyone in the role of caregiver to a loved one who is seeking guidance or just a safe space to feel heard and supported.

Disordered Eating Recovery
Starting in September on Thursday evenings

Support Group

Men's Group
Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm 

Men are evolutionarily hardwired for connection, closeness, and talking things through, yet our modern-day society seems to push men toward isolation. Here, men can come together to support each other with their personal challenges so they can experience personal growth in any area from divorce or parenting to illness or career issues while feeling supported mentally and emotionally.  

Image by Omar Lopez

Post Partum Support
Monday's at 3:30pm

 There is truly no way to prepare for parenting. Welcoming a new baby comes with so much: joy, disruption, loss of control, amazement, an entirely new schedule (what schedule?!), no sleep, baby smiles, changes to your relationship, new roles, a new identity, and so much more. Join postpartum parents to share the good/bad/ugly, and to experience the magic and strength that comes from connecting with people going through exactly the same season as you. Mommas and babies are welcome.

Rainbow Flag

LGBTQ+ Support
Thursday's at 5:30pm virtual

This LGBTQ+ Support Group will occur every Thursday from 5:30-6:30 virtually, via Zoom, and will aim to offer a safe, affirming space for LGBTQ+ folks to find community, receive support and be Heard. We aim to cultivate a caring, open, and validating environment where each member can be authentic and vulnerable, and where expression of identity is not a barrier to receiving and participating in community care. 

Supportive Friend

Life after Divorce
Monday Nights at 7pm- Virtual

This virtual support group will meet bi-weekly through the summer months to offer group members the opportunity to share their divorce-related experiences, process emotions and give and receive support by other community members going through similar situations.


Teen Support
Starts September 12 at 6:30pm

A space for teens with mental health challenges* to experience safety, connection and understanding.


Participants will have an opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of judgment or rejection.

6:30p - 8:30p on the

2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month

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Educator's Support
Wednesdays at 6pm in person

The goal of the educator’s support group is to create a community network of understanding and support for teachers and other academic professionals to help combat teacher burnout, frustrations, loss of passion, and ultimately to stop teachers from leaving the field and their careers.  

Teen Support- Starting 09/12 
Pet Loss
Addiction Support
Retirement Support
Women's Support 

ASL interpreters are available for any group upon request. Please email a request to confirm availability.

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