Safe Space CNY offers various services to help provide an incredible place for our community. 

To sign up and learn more about our services, please call or send us an email. 

Young Teacher

Covid Comeback Coaching

 Group coaching is a safe space to share your experiences of pain, fear, concern, and regret. These feelings tangle up our natural flow of energy and cause more of the same. Sharing and knowing others are going through with you is one of the most direct ways to move stuck energy that needs to be released in order for you to heal.

5 Week Course - $75 

Woman Painting

Art Therapy

Art therapy allows for a powerful emotional outlet, encourages development of a stronger understanding of self and a stronger connection with one's identity and values, and helps a person practice mindfulness and acceptance. We partner with individuals who need help getting unstuck and who are seeking help navigating anxiety, depression,

or grief. 


Feminine Flow

You will learn a sequence of easy, sensual movements that will generate heat in your body and balance your mind. This class dissects dance techniques that will expand your range of motion and liberate your soul. Feminine Flow is designed to be expressive and aims to embrace your core-self as a primary mode of intervention. This class ends with breath work, which is used for deep reflection and to provide clarity for your self-care journey. No dance experience is necessary.  

ASL interpreters are available for any group upon request. Please email a request to confirm availability.

Yoga at Home


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Women& is not your typical one and done meeting, nor is it a weekly venting session. Its learning how to successfully work
THROUGH your issues. The work is pertinent. If you are in a place where enough is enough and you've had it with you
own flip-flopping and you need that push to move forward to a more well-balanced life, than Women& is for you.

Women& will meet three weeks in a row on each topic.

Group Meditation


Relaxing Massage


Drum Band

Drum Circle

Girl with Horse

Equine Therapy